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Thread: Conrad setup for 4 bedroom house

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    Default Conrad setup for 4 bedroom house

    I'm looking at the Conrad kit, and I just wanted to run a few things past people for your thoughts:

    Firstly the house:

    Potterton Promax HE24 boiler in downstairs utility room, Megaflow tank in airing cupboard along with pump and 2 x motorised valves.

    Ground floor

    Kitchen, tiny utility room, leading to toilet - each with rad & TRV

    Hall - bimetal thermostat, and rad with no TRV

    Dining room, living room and study - each with rad & TRV

    1st floor

    landing - rad & TRV

    bedroom 1 - 2 x rads & TRVs

    Ensuite - rad with no TRV

    bathroom and bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 - rad & TRV in each

    I'm thinking of a setup along these lines to begin with:

    Ground floor:

    Living room - FHT80B unit and 1 x actuator

    Dining room - FHT80B and 1 x actuator

    Kitchen - FHT80B and 1 x actuator

    Study - FHT80B and 1 x actuator

    Hall - leave rad as-is

    Utility - leave rad as-is (TRV is set to frost anway - its a tiny room with the boiler, a freezer and washing machine in only)

    toilet - 1 x actuator slaved to Kitchen FHT80B

    1st floor:

    landing - leave existing TRV and turn down low

    bedroom 1 - FHT80B and 2 x actuators

    ensuite - leave rad as-is

    bedroom 2/3/4 - FHT80B and 1 x actuator in each

    bathroom - FHT80B and 1 x actuator


    FHT8W to replace heating side of existing heating / DHW timer


    Add FHZ1300 to USB connect to PC (probably existing Linux PC in the garage) and use FHEM to provide greater control / reporting.

    Overall, it seems a little heavy on the FHT80Bs - but seeing as some rooms - e.g. toilet, utility, study, bathroom, don't really warrant their own control, I'm thinking perhaps an actuator with integrated thermostat would be more suitable - but is there a Conrad one (or compatible)?

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    Anyone? Nearly 400 views and not a single opinion?

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    Seems okay, never used this one before but if heating is all you wish to do then I see no issue, if you want to integrate it with a full house system down the line for lighting and AV control on a single UI then you may want to check what the scope is for that.

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    Hi, I installed the conrad kit in my house in January this year which consisted of 22 FHT 8 thermostats, 43 FS20 Actuators and 3 FHT 8W wireless switches, and it works perfectly. The only problem is that all the on-screen messages are in German.

    The best way to purchase your kit is from using the "two room sets", Item no.: 570855 - 62, that consists of two thermostats and three valves for 119 Euro (100). Unfortunately Conrad will deliver to any country in the world, from Afghanistan to Zambia, except the UK, because they have a UK site,, which is 30% more expensive. So if you have a friend in the rest of Europe, including Ireland, get them to order it for you.

    The FHT 8W wireless switch will only communicate to 10 FHT 8 thermostats, so you are probably best limiting your installation to 10 zones, so if you went for five sets, plus the FHT 8W, it would cost you 685 Euros (577).

    as you mention, the FHT 8W will replace the existing thermostat and timer, but you may need to leave the timer in for the hot water.

    My next step is the installation of a cheap and cheerfull PLC control system to control four Honeywell motorised valves, two Glow-worm Ultimate 100FF boilers and the circulation pump from manual inputs and from the inputs from the three FHT 8Ws and the Megaflow thermostat.

    The ultimate step will be fitting a FHZ1300, or similar, to be able to control and monitor the heating remotely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobcox View Post
    The ultimate step will be fitting a FHZ1300, or similar, to be able to control and monitor the heating remotely.
    Good luck with that!

    My system struggles with more than 8 FHT 8's. The problem is the radio frequency gets really busy and latency becomes a problem.

    Have a look at the Cul devices from busware , they are cheaper.


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