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Thread: Help wiring Home Easy HE203

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    Default Help wiring Home Easy HE203

    This seemed like a simple task

    started to automate lighting and I have bought a Home Easy HE203, but it appears to be a new updated model, and instead of the two terminals on the old version, it has 4 Which are marked L ~ N N and then the two flyleads to the switch.

    The instructions and wiring diagram only have the details in for where there is a power feed and a seperate feed to the light.

    The light I wanting to control only has a a single set of Live, Neutral and earth.

    does anyone know how/it it is possible to cable this up so it works with the light?


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    After a quick google. L=Live ~=Dimmable (not sure if you want to use this) N=Neutral N=Switched Neutral? If you unsure then consult an electrician

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    L = live
    ~ = switched wire with the switch on becomes live at mains volts

    N = neutral if the second N is is connected to the first N ie test with a meter if ) ohms then is just a loop terminal. If it is switched then this would make the unit double pole ie both ~ and n are disconnected / opened

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    Gazza did you get this to work? I have the same problem

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    Sorry to drag up such an old thread with my first post but did anyone ever figure this out?

    I have the same problem as gazza - it all looked so easy on the website as well

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    The solution was posted by jolly1 above

    L = Live

    ~ = Switched Live

    N = Neutral (the 2 terminals are loop through)

    Instructions from Google at

    Hope that helps!
    Martyn Wendon
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