Decided to change thee house lighting from halogens to led lamps. Not so much save the planet as cut the Electricity bill.

Had a combination of 12 MR16 volt halogens, 240 volt GU10 and G9.

First 12 volt MR16 changed out power up found noticable flicker. Had to change out the transformers to LED drivers. X10 din rail dimmer modules, on switch off the light would reduce and then go off, to promptly come back on. Figure the impedance was to high in the led. Changed modules din rail appliance module. All working OK. LED even with dimmable would not switch of via the X10 DIN dimmer module.

240 volt GU10 had ordered 3 different types
SMD that is the led are small yellow squares
3 high power leds
20 or so leds in a group

3 high power leds operated Ok via appliance module switching as did the one with 3 leds.

SMD type will switch on ok but will not switch of. Even tried putting an x10 filter in circuit after the din module. No joy would not switch off. Can ony assume this type generates a lot of noise, whch kills the x10 signal. Please note have an x10 amplifier connected to homevision.

12 volt with th led driver appear to be controlable immaterial of the LED type. 240 volt are a different story.