I have finally bit the bullet and ordered a Honeywell Evotouch system to control my oil-fired central heating and hot water system. The current set up is an open-vented S Plan system running a hot water cylinder and 14 radiators (all with TRVs). There is no room thermostat anywhere, just a frost stat in the back porch near the boiler room.

I have purchased the following:

1 x Honeywell Evohome Evotouch Wireless Thermostat Pack (ATP921G1080) giving me an Evotouch controller and a BDR91 receiver to control the boiler
3 x Honeywell Evohome Zoning Packs (HR804UK) giving me 12 HR80UKs

My plan is to replace the existing TRVs with HR80UKs on all main room radiators (i.e. all but three hallway/landing rads), and zone each room separately giving a total of 8 zones bound to the Evotouch. I would then bind the Evotouch to the BDR91 to provide boiler control.

In terms of installing the BDR91, I'm assuming this will connect pretty straightforwardly into the existing 10-way Honeywell wiring centre, and that I'll simply need to remember to disconnect the CH side of the existing timing programmer (for the time being, the HW will still be on the timer)?

Any help or other pointers appreciated (or even confirmation that this is correct). Really looking forward to getting this system in place.