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    Question unRAID + Home Automation


    I'm looking to set up a home automation system in conjunction with unRAID in 2013. But it has to be wireless and/or over electric due to the fact I'm still renting! My main reason for automation is I am a wheelchair user with the use of one hand

    I would like a system that once setup is completely seemless but can be built upon/transfered to another home when I move. I am after a system that can be activated by voice, Android phone/tablet and by bluetooth/wireless to sense I have left/arrived home (lights, door opening etc).

    I would like these automation a lot of functions in my flat:

    1. Automated/voice controlled blind opening/closing; horizontal blinds.

    2. Remote controlled/voice activated/motion lights; I have LED GU10 bulbs throughout my entire flat except for the kitchen and bathroom which are BELL 2D ENERGY SAVING FLUORESCENT TUBE Lamp / Bulbs. My spotlights can all dim although I have no setup to do so.

    3. Video streaming; Using my unRAID NAS which is in my office. I will be using XBMC on my dedicated media center which is connected to my TV and I am looking at buying two Raspberry Pi's to stream to my bedroom and office.

    4. I would like to be able to stream music throughout all of my rooms including my bathroom but have no idea how!

    5. Energy/water monitoring; energy/water waste is my biggest bug bear ; I want to be able to monitor energy usage to help reduce it as much as possible.

    I already have 9w LED installed in every room, I have underfloor heating which I have now been told is one of the most non efficant forms of heating... I am hoping to lower my consumption by using home automation (maybe using some sort of weather/inside temperature monitoring?).

    Is it possible to monitor water?

    6. Heating management; Exact temperature control via a calibrated setup that can have morning, day, night, summer and winter programs.

    7. Security Monitoring; I live on the ground floor of a block of apartments which has a camera entry system; is there a way to get this camera feed on to my TV? To allow me to view who is at my door and to enable me to release the outside door (magnet lock I think). Currently it's a push unlock button on the telephone entry system which is made by 'urnet'

    8. Food; If I run out of a item of food I want to be able to add it straight away to a shopping list which I can split up to different shops e.g. Tesco for most items and Lidl for a few. The Tesco shop would be a monthly shop etc and to remind me of food used by dates; I hate wasting food!

    9. Bathroom - Can you get a mirror which can function as a screen; so I could access the weather report for the day, read the news etc when brushing my teeth and having a shave

    There maybe more but I cannot remember, what system would you advise I purchase? A starter kit would be great but I want a "future proof" one.

    Max budget is around 800 for everything. Any advice is appreciated.

    I have a Windows 7 PC, a 12TB NAS ()Office, a XBMC PC, a LG 47" TV with surround sound etc (Lounge), a Nexus 4 and a non working Android tablet soon to be replaced by the Nexus 10

    Ideally the home automation server software etc would be located on my NAS as it is on 24/7.

    Kind Regards,
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