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Thread: Looking for people to participate in an interesting research project

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    Default Looking for people to participate in an interesting research project

    Hi all,

    I am a design researcher for one of the UK's mobile networks. I am currently involved in a research project about how consumers use smart technology in their home and in their lives. I am looking for a variety of people who meet the following criteria to help out with this research.

    - Have a general interest in technology and use a smartphone.

    And either...
    - Live in a smart home or have set up and use their own home automation solution themselves. We're interested in people controlling devices and appliances etc around their home. It could be that you've set this up yourself, live in a house that has these smart features already installed, or that you had someone install these for you.
    - Use an off-the-shelf solution such as British Gas Safe & Secure Home, AlertMe or any other similar product.

    You must...
    - Live in London and the surrounding area, Leeds (or North and West Yorkshire) and Bristol.

    I was wondering if you may be interested or know of anyone who would be interested. The research involves me and my colleagues coming to interview you in your home. We'll then ask you to complete a basic diary for a few days, explaining how you use smart technology. We would like to see how you are using this technology in your life. We'll ask you to update an online diary explaining what you did and submit photos/videos of these activities to help us paint a picture of how you use this technology. This material is for our internal use and will not be distributed.

    We will offer the participants a financial incentive to take part in the study. The incentive takes into account your time for the initial home interview, completing the diary study and also a final meet up to share what you did and expand on any thoughts during a group session.

    I must stress that if you do respond to this invitation you may not necessarily get to take part, as we need to run a few additional questions by you in order to make sure you fully meet our criteria.

    If you think you know anyone who might be interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact me via direct message and I will arrange a call to talk to you about it in more detail.

    Thanks for reading.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks to forums for allowing us to post this message. And thanks to those that got in touch.

    The research recruitment has now finished and we've recruited our quota of participants, so this thread can be closed.

    Kind regards


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