I have tried my best to read previous threads, but most were much to technical for me.

I would like to be able to activate two electric sockets (just on/off) for the purpose of turning on
2 electric heaters in my office, while I am still at home. I have no land line or internet at the office
(hence, perhaps the use of a mobile phone SIM activation)?

What would be the cheapest option for doing this - preferably wire-free and easy to fit?

I noticed a Home Easy HE101 for sale on eBay for 20 - is this suitable and the most user friendly?
Do I need their socket system? My heaters are 2000Kw each - will I need
2 of these - Home Easy HE322B Remote Controlled RF Socket Black (3000W) - they are 6 each

Am I headed in the right direction?

Any suggestions and help with other (more simple or cheaper systems) would be appreciated.

Have a wonderful New Year,