I'm trying to build a new X10 setup and one of my requirements is an X10 module that can dim LED lights.
I've used http://www.uk-automation.co.uk/pdf/X10LEDlighting.pdf as a guideline, but still having difficulties:
All of my wall switches only have two wires. I'd have wanted to use LW12 / LMM21 but those are listed as incompatible with 230V LEDs.
The modules that can dim LEDs (LM12, LMM31, LMM32, LW11, LWM1, LWM1P) all require a neutral wire (ground, if I understand correctly?).
As I don't have a neutral wire at my switch, seems like the only option is to install LM12W (just like LM12 except the leads are exposed) near the lightbulb.
The trouble with this option, however, is that it seems like there's no possibility to control the LM12W from a regular switch, only through X10 commands.

To recap, my requirements (in descending order of importance):
1. Ability to switch lights from a wall switch (not dim, just control).
2. Ability to dim the lights (can be via X10 only).
3. Ability to use LEDs (The alternative is Halogen lamps - I don't really like CFLs, but Halogen lamps are rather power hungry)
4. Ability to control the system using X10.

The reason for #1 is that I do not yet know how reliable X10 is. If I rely on X10 only to control the lights and it turns out there's too much electrical noise for X10 to work reliably at my home, I don't want to be stuck in a situation where I need the light on but I can't because something is interfering with the X10 signals.

Some ideas I've had, but I will appreciate advice from the experts around here:
* Can the LMM31, for example, be fitted in the light fixture in the ceiling and the wire from the switch used to control it remotely?
* I have LM12 connected to a regular, standing lamp. When I switch on and off the lamp using the regular switch, the LM12 identifies that and dims the light on. Can the LM12W be configured to behave the same? That means I'll have to flick the wall switch twice to turn on the lights, but that's not that bad.
* Install the LM12W, have a wired X10 control switch to operate the lights. Do these wired switches exist? I only found wireless ones which means my transceiver must be present and working.

If that matters, all my light fittings take GU10 lightbulbs. I intend to buy Philips Master Dimmable LEDs as those seem to generate little to no electrical noise when dimmed.

Thanks in advance!