Hi all,

I was interested to see that the Instron X10 devices are now available in the X10 (although currently on back order).

I have tried to find more information, but it all seems... sketchy. Has anybody tried these devices with an existing X10 setup?

I have an SC9000 as an alarm system, and a CM15 as the controller - most plug in devices are the Marmitek plug in modules.

I was wondering if the new Instron X10 devices would be a good way to plug the hole in dead zones/noisy zones - as the devices appear (?!?) to also be RF repeaters - and from what I understand, when they get an X10 command down the wire, will retransmit via a Mesh network to other instron devices via RF, thus give a double chance of success - X10 through the wire PLUS the RF signal.

But there are two many questions - such as....

1) Will the RF interfere with the SC9000 radio signals (for door sensors, key fobs, etc)
2) Will the Instron devices pick up the X10 signals from the CM15
3) Am I correct in my belief that it will create a hole-filling RF mesh

Anybody have any answers/tried these devices?