Like most around here, I'm searching for the "ideal" system to control our heating. We're currently having a fairly major house rebuild/refurb after a fire, so now's the time to do it.

I'm considering Heatmiser (12v network system), Honeywell Evotouch and also the Conrad FS20 system. Alos hoping that Lightwave will bring out their solution soon.

If I go Heatmiser then I need to decide soon, as the wiring will need to be put in place.

The Evotouch looks to be the most user friendly option. I had calculated that I would probably need around 10 zones. However, it occured to me that in fact a zone really just needs to be an area that needs heating at a particular time of the day/night, and therefore I could bind (say) all the bedroom radiator valves to a single zone, and then presumably the valves will signal whether or not they need hot water. Is that right? The only downside to that is (I assume) that I can only have a single temperature and time profile set for all bedrooms. However, if that becomes a pain, then I can at a later stage add another Evotouch controller to up the zones.... or am I misunderstanding?

Are these wireless radiator valves OK to fit in the "traditional" UK position down by the skirting? I've seen a lot of photos of them with a pipe running up to the top of the rad and the valve fitted there instead. Obviously if I were to go for the FS20 system then that's not a problem as the stat will be elsewhere.

One other thing has bothered/puzzled me, too. Are these wireless radiator valves OK to operate in an en suite/bathroom? Or how about if I went down the Heatmiser route and had 230v wax actuators on the rads.... that way I could always have those installed outside of the bathroom though as an in line valve so that wouldn't be such an issue.