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Thread: Momentary switches for lighting control

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    Default Momentary switches for lighting control

    I've been trying to work out what the options are. So far I've got to-

    TLC have a cheap grid range (less than half the price of MK) but look it...
    Forbes & Lomax (don't appeal)

    The most promising/likely at the moment are these grid systems - all
    MK Logic Grid plus - easily available, reasonably priced, good quality BUT only available in white plastic (?)
    Hamilton IT grid
    LeGrand Synergy grid (seem to have a good range of markings including up down arrows on two way retractive rockers. Will do custom marking as well though likely lots of cash)

    The latter two are available in various finishes (but I suspect are significantly more expensive). Can anyone point to any online suppliers for price comparison?

    Gira looks like it could work and very smart - GiraShopUK lists prices and they're not cheap.

    Any other options I've missed? A couple of locations might benefit from something more like a Velbus / Lutron / Futronix style control or the panel with labels shown in the Loxone video. Any suggestions for sourcing things like that?
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    I have these......

    We have the brushed stainless surrounds with matching 'ingot' retractive switches.

    I have found them reliable and reasonably priced. They also have substantial WAF.

    I must admit I would also like to know where one could purchase the switched with labels for scenes.

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    I've been using Get plc momentary switches for a few years and they offer grid configuration as well in a wide range of finishes and combinations. They also look very close to the single switch TLC which are much cheaper and also work well. The grid units are available in small units from R & B Star ( I believe that Get have now been taken over by Schneider Electronics -



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    I am using the GET range as well and there is a small business ADS Electronics that modify the GET dimmer modules to give you a very neat 3 push-button plate with 1 LED and an RJ45 on the socket on the back for quick installation. You can find pictures of their on their website.

    There is an article on the Loxone Forum that has links to numerous push buttons. Here.
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    Hi, i used minigrid swithces, recommended on another thread.
    They are click mini grid, I got them from alert electrical, see below for more info links etc.


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    Try these guys -
    They stock grid switches from a range of mfrs - the Varilight power grid (for example) come in a few different finishes.


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