Although I have my Loxone miniserver installed I am still looking at how I tackle dimming! As part of the renovation of my house I am rewireing and fitting new lighting. I have already fitted some 240v ceiling lights (WAF requested) and some 12volt down lighters.

The options I see so far are:

Loxone dimmer modules - pricey but lots of advantages
DMX dimmer packs linked to Loxone dmx extension - cheap but bulky

One other possible option.......
I am intrigued by LED however I have always thought of LED as accent lighting and not the main source of light. I would love to know how people use LED lighting. Do you use 240v fittings or low voltage? How do you tackle dimming? Any good online retailers?
I like the idea of using something like this however I am unsure what type of light fittings it can work with?