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Thread: xAP SMS for Raspberry Pi

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    Default xAP SMS for Raspberry Pi

    Having got a hub working, the next item was an SMS gateway.

    Again this is adaptation of the dbzoo livebox code -see However, the easiest way to get an SMS modem connected to a Pi is a 3G stick (aka 3G modem), probably a Huawei, and PAYG SIM. These are a few pounds on *bay. The code checks if the modem is a Huawei and adds some initialisation. Two tty's are generally exposed in Linux and /ttyUSB1 is the one to use in the config file.

    Exact usage depends on your distro. I'm using wheezy and xapsmsPi sits in /home/pi and the config file in /etc
    Rename the attachment from zip to gz before unpacking.

    Next is an openelec/xbmc media interface, which is 50% done.

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