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Thread: xAP CLID for Samsung TV - Raspberry Pi

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    Default xAP CLID for Samsung TV - Raspberry Pi

    OK, next up..
    This is designed to run on a Openelec platform (but should run on others like Wheezy). It presents xAP calling line ID information (from either a modem or, as I do, the axc Asterisk plug in) - class CID.Meteor.

    It works with Samsung B Series, should the C/D series (depending on firmware) and others I have no idea! is the place to look - MessageBoxService being the key item.

    I wanted it on the TV as XBMC is not my front end for Sky HD. When I finish the Openelec/xbmc xAP code that should also support OSD, so CLID should be possible.

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