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Thread: I'll show you Mine, if you'll show me Yours!!

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    Default I'll show you Mine, if you'll show me Yours!!

    Hi All,

    Bored in the office (ring phone ring!!) and then visiting one of the barest of the bare C-Bus forums (lately seems!! ) in the world, I thought it would be nice to thaw it out with some interactive posting.

    Being from Australia, we think everything we have is better than everywhere else in the world. Best Weather - check, Lifestyle - check, Beaches - check, Beer - check, Women - check (and not being ***ist Men - check),
    Heightened sense of self importance - .............check!!

    How about Smart Home light switches (I prefer the term multifunction home controller)? I am certain you all took notice of the recent release of the Clipsal Colour eDLT for CBus a couple of weeks ago and saw the article posted on the Automated Home website.

    So putting on my best Jeremy voice 'This has to be one of the nicest looking and most highly functional 'Smart' light switches ....... in the world'. IMHO definitely one for 'SubZero' on the light switch 'Cool Wall' if there was one.

    What is everyone else using? Post an image so I can see some of your cool Smart switches as I understand many aren't available everywhere. Also feel free to give your thoughts on best features etc.

    As for the Clipsal Colour eDLT, I think its best features are:
    Multi-Coloured Indicators
    Left/Right Dual role toggle buttons
    Colour LCD background status indication
    Temp, Power Use, Clock or many other display widgets
    fast fit Magnetic Wall Mount and QuickConnect C-Bus network connector
    Controls up to 16 'devices/functions/loads/light addresses/group addresses' over 5 pages (one's a display page)
    Modern 'Boardroom' quality looks


    There are a truck load of nice looking 'standard' light switches out there as well that just emulate the normal toggles. To keep it focused on home automation, please only post Smart switches that attach to some make of automation system.

    Look forward to seeing 'Yours',

    Blacky7 - A C-Bus installer from Sydney
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    Nothing here in the UK in my opinion can touch the C-Bus system and wherever possible we guide our clients along that route. I think the new eDLT is a beautiful thing and its functionality and programming possibilities opens or resolves so many scenarios for us.

    I'm a little surprised that Clipsal would announce it so far in advance of its launch (probably done to coincide with their price increase that's the cynic in me) and that they have no pricing for it yet, lets hope the talk on the Cbusforum from one of their staff is correct!

    I really hope we get it in the UK as near to the launch in Australia. There may be a few DLT's on eBay in August!!

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