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Thread: gate intercom and opener?

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    Default gate intercom and opener?

    I am finding it hard to get clear info on various systems.

    My goal is :

    1) gate button that when pressed alearts me via my mobile.

    2) allows two way voice communication and picture from ip camera

    3) activates a relay to open the gate.

    4) does not require a subscription fee

    I like the insteon hub system as does not need a fixed ip. Like the mcontrol setup but as I understand it needs a pc to be left running.

    Any sugestions ?

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    You could have a look at Geovision, see:
    The feature list seems broadly inline with what you're after.

    I think the Comfort alarm system can do most of what you want too, although I'm not sure about the CCTV integration. If you've got a smart phone you could access your CCTV/IP camera separately though.
    See: and scroll down to the "Door Station Intercom" bit.


    Disclosure - I've no connection with either company.

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