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Thread: Z-Wave Thermostat

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    Default Z-Wave Thermostat

    New Z-Wave Thermostat Now Available!
    We now have the RCS TZ16 Z-Wave thermostats in stock and ready to go. There has been heavy demand for this unit and we have worked closely with RCS to get this product released. The unit is only available through HomeSeer Technologies.

    Key Features:

    Separate Heating and Cooling set points Multistage HVAC systems support Wall Display Unit setting of
    -- Network Address
    -- F/C temperature display mode
    -- Sensor calibration (internal and remotes) Automatic Remote Sensor detection Supports the latest Z-Wave thermostat protocol Full 2-way control, read and set all thermostat parameters No limit to the number of thermostats you may install


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    mmm but US Zwave frequency and power supply? :-(

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