I'm looking at replacing the floor standing speakers in my lounge with ceiling speakers. Does anyone have experience of how many to use, and where to mount them ? The lounge is L-shaped and although is the same zone, I think it needs speakers in both areas.

Room Dimensions:
Big room = 5.8m x 3.15m (19' x 10')
Small room = 3.5m x 2.9m (9.5' x 11.5')

I read somewhere that you should divide the room into thirds and place them there. So either on the centreline of the room one third in from each end, or two speakers one third in from each end and one third in from each wall. How many speakers should I put in the larger room - 1 pair? 2 pairs?

I've sketched all this out and 2 pairs at 1/3rds look too close together. Spacing them on "quarters" (green circles) instead of thirds (red circles) looks much better.

Anyone done this already? Any suggestions?


Tim H.