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Thread: Megaman Dimmable LED lights

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    Default Megaman Dimmable LED lights

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has tried these on the Idratek dimmers? They seem to be available for around 1/2 the price of the philips units.


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    We have tried the 6W PAR 16 6500K bulbs. These give quite good brightness and seemed to work reasonably well on a QLD (leading edge) i.e don't appear to flicker and can dim quite low, but the power mapping table needs adjustment because the relationship to % is not greatly linear as is. Even with adjustment it will probably not be as linear as an incandescent. On an SLD (trailing edge) they flicker at certain levels and performance is also affected by number of bulbs - possibly because the SLD being an inline dimmer has to steal already very limited current through the bulb but also possibly they don't like trailing edge.

    Bulbs that we tried seem to work fine if there was a resistive load in parallel eg. 10W and indeed there are a number of vendors of so called resloads (56k resistor on large heatsink) or you can just use a pygmy bulb somewhere. But somehow having to waste 10W doesn't feel good particularly if only one or two LEDs in circuit.

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