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Thread: need advice - home security

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    Default need advice - home security

    :?: I have a home alarm system that requires a new back-up battery -
    however because i am trying to save money i am going to purchase one myself -does anyone have some EXPERT knowlegde on these back-up batteries or sytems - the question is whether or not they require charging or can be bought pre-charged :?: if anyone can help please post a reply - thnx

    ( my battery specs are 12V 7.0 Ah - not that it is relevant )

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    Default Re: need advice - home security

    The alarm panel itself includes a charger, normally used to replenish the drain from the battery during power outages etc.

    For replacement batteries try:
    TLC (on-line and in-store) at
    CPC (on-line only, unless you're in Preston) at:

    You could also try dedicated security shops e.g. Gardiner etc.

    To replace the battery you will need the "engineer" code to disable the tamper circuit within the alarm, otherwise when you open the box the alarm will go off



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