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Thread: New to Home Automation - Basic questions

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    I think the full lightwave RF system will be the way i go for now - looking at ebay it seems i can sell the wifi link without much of a loss at a later date anyway. That gives me time to play around with my Rasp Pi a bit more and upgrade later on.

    Last couple of questions...i think!

    - How easy is it to replace existing sockets and switches? Is it just an obvious screw one off and screw the other on job?
    - Is every light dimmable or is a dimmable light switch different to a normal on?
    - What about i need special dimmable bulbs or will the low end tesco ones work fine? Any suggestions on a particular bulb appreciated too!

    Thanks again.

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    You can use this forum for LightwaveRF questions :

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    I have LightwaveRF currently controlling the lights in my home (with the WiFi bridge)

    1) Dead easy to replace. The only issue I found is space in the patress box, if there are loads of terminating wires from the previous electrician. The chassis screws in then the magnetic facia plate covers the switch (note, the chrome plates do show fingerprints!!)
    2) All switches are dimmable apart from the slave units and mode switches
    3) Be careful with low energy bulbs as these can freak out an flash an low dim. Also overall brightness (at 100%) is less that you would get with a normal switch (this is a known issue with the product). Lightwave do their of CFLs if I recall.

    I have scenarios setup whereby the bedroom light comes on @20% with the alarm clock then increases 20 mins later, then finally shuts off when I goto work...


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