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Thread: HomeSeer 3 and xAP

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    Default HomeSeer 3 and xAP

    As many of you I'm sure know HomeSeer 3 is now available for trial/purchase , albeit as a beta release. It all looks very promising but one significant issue is that plugins need re-writing for compatibility. I'm pleased to say that Michael McSharry (mcs) has been working away on the xAP plugin (mcsxAP) and has a free version available for download in this thread. (Please use the most recent version posted).

    HS3 to HS2 to HS1 Interplay

    As HS3 is new the lack of re-written plugins can be a bit of a problem and this thread addresses ways of replicating your HS2 devices into HS3 realtime by using xAP. To do this you keep both HS2 and HS3 running , both with xAP plugins and HS3 can be used with full access to all your existing HS2 plugin devices.

    Also be sure to look over the thirty or so other xAP applications Michael has released on his mcsSprinklers website


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