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Thread: Home Temperature Data Logging System

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    Default Home Temperature Data Logging System

    Afternoon all,
    Iím after putting together a temperature data logging system for my home. Primarily to log the temperature of each of the rooms and then maybe to add the logging of the hot water tank in the future.
    As normal I donít want it to cost the earth, but if it is scalable in the future then it doesnít matter cause I can buy more items for it in the future. I would prefer wireless connection because this is easier to install without needing to run cables everywhere. I would like it to log the data to its own memory and not need a computer on all the time connected too it or a Server / raspberry pi an option?
    If possible access for the internet or through a smartphone app?
    Iím not bothered about just buying something readymade off the shelf I am happy to put it together myself.
    I know this is probably everything required in one box; but has anyone seen a good solution / brand / make that could suit these requirements?

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    Fibaro do a door/window contact (based on z-wave) that has provision for a thermistor. Link this to a RaZberry Pi (the Z stands for z-wave shield). Not sure on the resolution of these sensors though.

    Understand these devices are not dedicated temp sensors, however you could integrate them to form a Security solution as well.

    The sensors are approx £40ea so this might be a little expensive depending on your budget, but as you requested, it's certainly scalable.

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    Raspberry PI + RFXCOM RFXtrx433 +Oregon Scientific sensors +

    With this system you can log temperatures, humidity, wind, rain.
    You can also access the system from remote.
    In addition you can control HomeEasy, ByeByeStandBy, LightwaveRF, X10 and more.

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    I would take a old laptop and string a 1 wire network round the house, and use £2 dallas ibutton temp sensors. Run linux on the laptop and use OWFS and the one wire temperatures appear in the file system as regular text files, that you can just cat onto the end of a log file once every however many seconds you desire using crontab.

    However, if I wanted to just buy a box that did it, I'd be googling wigwam and their kickstarter funding which theyre trying to drum up now. The only black mark against wigwam is its wifi only between sensor nodes, and I'm not going back to anything flaky after years of torture at the hands of x10.

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