I am after some advice with home security. I am looking to install an intruder alarm system in my home unmonitored (no monthly fee). The system need to have PIRs and Door /Window sensors along with a keypad and siren.
The area i am struggling with is, I would like to have the ability to arm / disarm the system remotely via a pc and smartphone (Ideally IOS) and to be notified when sensors are triggered.

Do you know if there is a solution which would provide this?

Also, I am trying to find a system which will enable me to introduce home automation products down the line, mainly lighting and sockets. I have already installed IPCCTV throughout the house so a system which can also support viewing camera feeds would be great.

I am not sure (and from the research I have done so far) if there is one solution which will fit all my desires but if anyone can advise me of anything it would be appreciated.

Just to add, I have a dedicated (always on) PC which can run software if needed. I also have CAT5 running throughout the house into each room, in case that opens up options.

Thanks all, in advance.