Sorry, I saw your response to Mr.Wolf after I had posted

It wasn't me regarding the occupancy sensors, however, frustratingly Jon seems to have gone quiet, so there was no code accompanying the projects.

I haven't used Pi's yet but my limited research and other peoples comments see to indicate that they are too low power - however I am happy to be proved wrong!

Never played with the CAN bus (apart from on my car!) so be interested in what you do with it.

I was looking to link Voxcommando to an iTunes playlist running on an NUC then pipe it to some amplified ceiling speakers so could have voice control playlists. Funnily enough I had the same comment regarding recognition of my wife and my voice and running profiles.

Are you still on Instructables (recall seeing some of your projects there) if so, do you have a link you your laser room occupancy project? I o lymhave to worry about 2 dogs and a 12 yr old!