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Thread: Nintendo Wii HA controller

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    Default Nintendo Wii HA controller

    I tried searching the forums, but apparently 'Wii' is too short a word to search for.

    Does anyone use the wii as a HA controller? I never got one of the new Wii's with the screen on it, but a few years ago I decided to try and write a controller using interactive motion for the controls - you can read about it at but I am thinking that is probably outdated but I imagine that the kinect can do some pretty amazing things with its gesture recognition - and it has a bonus feature, a microphone that is pretty good at voice recognition too.

    Is the general opinion that it is still easier just to use a tablet or wall switches to control their system, or are people being more adventurous?

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    I’ve experimented with various different types of controls over the lat couple of years including wii, PS3 and Xbox controllers, but eventually settled on iPads, iPhones and LightwaveRF master switches.. alas all the alternatives seemed good in concept but just didn’t work in practice. I’ve also tried to setup as much as possible to be presence based.. so all the lighting works that way and the TV control system all works as one big universal remote so it automatically turns on the devices connected to the ports in use, etc.

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    I have always toyed with the idea of having wall mounted tablets and other bleeding edge interfaces to control things in my home, however I have always managed to stop myself going too far before making any big financial investments in a technology. This is mainly because it is not just me that will be using the technology, and over the years, my tolerance for things not working as they should has diminished somewhat....

    Some of this is of course habitual...take for instance turning on a light...I could have a tablet, that once I have 'woken up' and drilled through the correct menu to select the % brightness I wanted, I could of just used a normal lightswitch (like I have been doing for decades)
    Automation is improving everyday, but even if there is a hint of delay between my input, and the required output, then frustration sets in (plus I might be tumbling down the stairs at this point)

    I haven't played with the Wii, but looking at the Wiki link and the cmd structure, it reminds me of the old Spectrum days of having a game of twister on the keyboard just to get a certain symbol - plus, finding any kind of remote on the best of days is a chore, where as I could just walk over to the device or press a dedicated button on the wall and have it do the same function, but quicker.

    Don't get me wrong - I am all for trying new ideas, and it is this trial and error that takes things from ideas to reality, however getting them to work harmoniously with the buy in from the family can be an uphill struggle.


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