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    Default Fibaro HC2 query

    Hi Guys. I am brand new to the forum, and whilst very new to home automation, am thoroughly enjoying it, but far from the point of understanding it in any detail. I have a query which I hope you can help me with.

    I current live in the UK but have a small remote farm house in Spain which I use my HA system to switch off/on lights etc, and other items such as water pump and irrigation when not there. I currently have Homeseer HSPro running on a laptop there, which until now has only used X10 modules. The problem is the house has outbuildings which are some way from the house, so I thought it best to switch to Z Wave whilst I am still at an early stage and only have a few modules, and bring the laptop etc. back to the UK and use that here.

    With the above in mind I have purchased a Fibaro HC2 unit, with various modules. However, I am not due back to Spain for 3 weeks, and would prefer not to have to waste time there setting up all my sections and rooms if I can do it here before going. also I would prefer to make sure it works here before heading off.

    The unit is still in the box and not yet switched on, so my question is can I set up the HC2 here, excluding inclusion of the modules as I understand this is best done on site for the dynamic meshing(?). I have looked at the instructions and YouTube videos, and it appears the initial set up involves logging on to Fibaro, and applying your IP address, so I am worried that this of course will change, and don't want to spend a whole load of time here to have to start all over again there anyway.

    I hope I have explained this clearly enough because as I say I am pretty new to this, so may be worrying over nothing.

    Many thanks in anticipation for any advice you can give.

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    Hi Ray,

    You should be fine to set all that up and test in the UK. You could even go as far as testing the radio modules, as the HC2 software now has a "relearn the Z-Wave network" option (alho battery powered devices may still need to be removed and re-added by hand). You can certainly set up all your rooms, scenes etc.

    When you unpack the HC2 and register it for the first time, will want to know that *MAC* address of your unit; this address won't change once you move to Spain. Your HC2's *IP* address will change, but this is not relevant. certainly never asks for the HC2's IP address, as far as I remember.

    It is designed this way so as not to be a pain for people whose ISPs only give them dynamic IP addresses -- ie they have the same problem, the HC2's IP address changes.



    ps: i just re-registered my HC2 to make sure, and can confirm that it only asks for MAC address, not IP address.

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    Thanks Ant that really is great news!!

    Appreciate your time and help, I'll start unpacking now .


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