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Thread: Dimming high power halogen lamps from Idra

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    Default Dimming high power halogen lamps from Idra

    I have a set of halogen lamps ca. 1000W in total. I would like to be able to dim them from Idra. QLD and SLD dimmers can't service that power. I would like to use an external dimmer driven by 1-10V analog output from a QAO.
    It is fairly easy to find ballasts driven by 1-10V, but I can't find halogen dimmers driven from external 1-10V input.
    Does anybody know such a device?
    Any other ideas??

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    several being more than one but less than four, presumably ...

    how about a Paradox DIMXD-EI00 ...

    PS: just noticed that MK K1400 series dimmers seem to offer what you're looking for - & they might be easier to source !
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