Now, you donít need to throw away your heating thermostat if you want to upgrade to WIFI heating thermostat.

Witura WIFI Switch provide solution just connect 3 wires into your heating thermostat. Cost saving solution and donít waste additional money while your unit still functions well.

A free smart phone app is available in iTunes Store and Google Play. Homeowners can be thousands of miles away from home or have a vacation home, yet still control the heating and hot water usage, resulting in significant cost savings.

This unique smart home technology can help you reduce your household energy bills by up to 25% subject to operational and environmental conditions and based on positive behavioral change.

The WiFi remote control switch series enable you to control your existing heating system from anywhere in the world via a web browser or iPhone app. Witura WIFI switch series are powered by 220v and offer volt free switching.

The WiFi switch providing you three wires, excluding earth, then you can upgrade your existing thermostat to WIFI Thermostat.

With the time management technology, the WiFi switch provide time setting feature, your existing thermostat will learns how long it takes to heat and cool a home to ensure it is always at the temperature homeowners want, at the time they want it. This feature allows homeowners to balance comfort and energy savings: on your way out the door, simply tell the WiFi switch when you will be back and it can start saving energy instantly while you are gone.

Suppose you forgot to turn it off when you left home for long vacation. Grab you iPhone or other web-enabled smart phone, and with a few touch strokes, turn off your hot water heater. You can turn it back on shortly before you arrive back home.

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