I've just come across this brilliant forum and seen it's full of experts on home heating and zoning. I'd like to ask any of you out there whether you think there is a better way to do what I'm currently looking into. I hadn't even heard of Evohome etc. until I stumbled upon this forum today. Any advice is appreciated.

We have a Victorian house with 3 floors:
Ground Floor = 2 lounges, 1 office, 1 kitchen, 1 toilet (7 rads + 1 towel rad)
1st floor = 2 offices, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (5 rads + 2 towel rads)
2nd floor = 3 bedrooms (5 rads in total)

There are currently 2 Baxi Solo system boilers working in tandem via a relay and the whole house effectively gets heated without zoning. There is a simple old Honeywell programmer for heating and/or water and 2 room thermostats. All rads except for towel rads have TRVs fitted.

Our gas bills have of course been sky high in the winter months so we were planning to zone each floor off as the relevant pipework is easily accessible within a 3m run.

The plan was to use 3 Honeywell Cm927s (1 for each floor) + a separate programmer just for water + zone off the towel rad in one bathroom so that this can be efficiently used during summer. The pipework for the towel rad in the other bathroom is inaccessible.

I like the idea of the Cm927s because I want the boilers to switch off when the temperature has been reached in the room that I am working in. If I then move to another room, I want that room's temperature to govern when the boiler switches off. If my wife then works in another room on a different zone, it should be that room within the zone that determines when the boiler switches off. That's why I like the portable stats as I think they will give me the most control. The only thing that isn't so easy is having to turn TRVs up/down whenever you leave a room.

Any suggestions on whether this is the best way to do this or is there something better?

Thanks in advance