Hi All,

I have started purchasing all my cable etc for a new flat I am moving into, I have my cat5 and my speaker cable, got a 48 way patch panel, connectors crimpers etc, etc.

So my first issue is the following.

All the flats share an aerial, which is fed by a single coax into each flat, and in most cases this has a diplexer socket to give you a FM and TV aerial connection.

My plan is to "re-route" this to my "Toy Cupboard" (Node Zero) and then split it to several rooms probably be six feeds, I am planning on using a distribution amp, is this the correct choice or should I use a splitter? (are splitters for cable / satalite?)

Note - I will be using CT100 cable.
Note - It is not an option for me to install my own antenna or satallite dish.

My second issue is...

I also plan on having NTL cable installed, (not allowed sky) again, I want this to feed several rooms probably 4 or 5 (not the full 6). I will be using CT100 cable is this ok? Should I use a splitter or a distribution amp?

I will have the cable people install the NTL to the node zero.

Do you have any other tips for me?

Any advice would be most appreciated.