I've spent most of this year developing my home automation platform...

http://ndautomation.net:8180 [guest:guest]

It's almost ready now.

The system resides on an intel NUC (http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/...oards/nuc.html)

At the moment, it supports 433MHz devices via the excellent rfxtrx433 from (http://www.rfxcom.com/store/Transceivers/12103) which can either be directly connected, or via a USBLAN server (http://sgcdn.startech.com/005329/med...000IP.main.jpg).

Using the USBLAN server also means a single control instance can use multiple rfxtrx433 (useful for large installs).

The system runs in your home, connected via either ethernet or wifi.

It is accessed via most web browsers (so is platform independant).

The system currently comes with the provision for 5 users, all of which can be configured with roles/permissions as you see fit.

The unit has options for UPnP so it will automatically port forward (subject to your router) and it comes with a dns system so you can easily access your system remotely via your chosen dns prefix (i.e. jsmith99).

The system itself features core control sets...

zoned heating controls
i have provisioned for 10 zones, currently broken down into 01-05 and 06-10.

Each zone features direct control of the heat source, radiator, electric heater etc, governed by a virtual thermostat and subject to real world status's (like door, window open etc).

Each group (currently A and B) [01-05 & 06-10] has 4 configurable time triggers to change the setpoint of the relevant thermostat.
i.e. bedtime, all group B to 15 degree's etc.

In the event of any room calling, the heating circuit is remotely enabled.

The heating control features a configurable on/off cycle to save energy (and in the case of radiators, still allow the hot water to warm the room).

automated lighting controls
Each zone has a dimmer module (4 configurable brightness settings - 25,50,75,100%) that can be controlled locally (via wall switch) and the software control system.

Using automation, the lights can be made to either auto on, auto off or full auto, triggered by pir, photocell, contact switch or time setting.

Using the photocell, you can also allow rooms to have configurable brightness due to time of day.

By using a combination any of the PIR, contact switches etc, the system allows security monitoring (which can send email alerts - with gmail, notifications straight to your phone).

At present, the system is controlled by security keyfobs, which can arm, disarm, control lights and also feature a panic mode.

i also have various other options at work on my install...

remote (and automated control of power to tv/htpc)
automated control of bathroom fan, based on rH and drH
bathroom weigh scales with logging/reporting for multiple users.

to be honest, sky's the limit. if you can think it, i'm sure it can be implemented.

each install will be offered with personal and timely support.

should your needs change (or in the future, the tech change, i.e. 868Mhz etc), your system can be upgraded to meet these changes.

and all remotely.

please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards,

Neil Duffy


07401 171 001