The new GSM Power Switch is a very simple and low cost solution for controlling Electrical devices from a Mobile Phone.​

The system can switch up to a maximum of 16 Amps in two specific Modes.

One Mode allows the electrical device to be permanently Switched on or off by sending a simple text message or.

The second allows the electrical device to be temporary switched on for a period of between 1 second and 24 hours.

The system is completely self contained with its own built in power supply and only requires a valid Sim Card to operate the system.

The system can operate anywhere in the World and comes with a universal Power Plug and Socket.

The system is an In Line system and can be used for a varied appplications.

Switching on

Electric Heating and Lighting

Electric Pre heaters.

Rebooting Remote Servers.

Controlling Remote Rental and lease equipment.

Controlling and resetting Remote Pumping equipment.

Cost per complete system is 75.00 USD plus shipping

website is MeControlXXLUserTile.jpg