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Thread: New to HA, after a bit of advice - HomeEasy

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    Default New to HA, after a bit of advice - HomeEasy

    Hi there

    Im just getting into HA, and i'm after a bit of advice. My initial requirement for the new system is the following...

    Replace part of the existing downstairs lighting setup with automated lighting so that I can link in PIR sensors to turn on hallway lights after a certain time (once everyone is in bed) if movement is detected. This should be dimmable. I would also like to be able to use the manual switch to turn the lighting on full power when required.

    Ive looked at the homeasy stuff and i think it can do what i want

    I believe i can replace my existing pendants in the hallway and the switches with these..

    and use these PIR units...

    I think i can place these switches anywhere as they are battery operated, but will probably put them in the same place as existing switches for now.

    Am i also right in assuming that you no longer need a switched live for the existing lighting circuit (so the pendants are always effectively powered). I guess a simple way to handle this is with a chock block to complete the circuit in place of the old switch.

    In terms of software, i plan on running the clever stuff on my media center pc (windows). Would i be able to use the RFXCom dongle

    and something like to handle the communication between the lights and the switches. I guess you can use this to "proxy" communication between switches and lights as well as handling messages from PIR and then turning on and dimming lights as necessary.

    I hope i've covered everything here and hope that someone can confirm that this will do what i want it to.



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    Hi Mark...

    Have you seen the system i've developed, packaged into an intel NUC

    I've tried most of the 433Mhz gear on the market (compatible with rfxcom), including the home easy range.

    The dimmer units, like ceiling rose etc, should be a great idea... but in practise i found them very poor. After dealing with Byron direct, it was found you could not direct set the lamp level by command.

    Also, the PIR units were poor too. I tried lots that are on the market, and settled with marmitek units - very good indeed.

    In short, i found with the current line up off 433Mhz gear (dimmers, pir, switches, contact switches etc) the only way to make the system work in an automated sense was to pick the best gear and connect them together via an intelligent control system.

    I did use domoticz in the early days (mainly as a middleman for comms). i think it now has a form of logic, but not as powerful as what i employ.

    Also my unit comes ready to go, personalised to your installation (and requirements) and supported

    Whichever path you go down, good luck with your automation.


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