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    Default Outside Rooms ...

    our outside Rooms - Porch, Shed, Yard, Garden - have a few sensors (LTH + PIR + AUIs) & actuators (QRIs), and interconnections between each other, but no connections to the house other than via a virtual PRS (with inside-the-house button presses acting as alternative motion sensors) & the LTH sensors & two AUIs, and by virtue of being on the middle Floor ...

    OK, that's quite a few connections, but there are no Doors connecting them to the House - ie: the doors that physically go between House & the outside Rooms are all defined as External Doors of the House ...

    all works fine, except that local cats cause the house to become Occupied ...

    so, wondered how we might do it better, how others have dealt with outside Rooms ... ??
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    Rooms that are defined within the House object transfer occupancy implicitly so to have them not do so you should define them outside the house or you can even define within a second house under the world object if you still want them to impart collective information to one entity.

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