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Thread: One for Chris - Heating

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    Hi Jon -

    for sure, we've found Cortex more than up to the job (its very disciplined object-oriented approach makes for a very manageable set-up that gives good visibility & can meet most challenges) and its data-logging is first-rate, too (which helps a lot in getting things optimised ...

    radiators / 30degC - that was Paul's Viessmann boiler, backing-down to 30degC once the house was up to-target ...

    with its large surface area, flows to our UFH can be kept quite low - in the range 21 to 28degC, depending on this & that - we've tried to avoid convection, the focus being on getting a comfortable radiant environment, leaving the MVHR arrangements to look-after air quality ...

    interesting to hear of your savings through reduced temperatures ... our experience has been that having that as well as even-ness (space- & time) can help in terms of both comfort & economy ...

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