Hi Guys,

Woke up this morning to find the dreaded DFP panels button lights lit and Idratek shown on the LCD display giving the me the heads up that the system was down :-(

Remote logging into the Cortex PC was no go. So going to the PC, found it was BSOD with 'dumping Kernel' message.

As it's all in Production/not at a scheduled down time (!!), a quick hardware reboot solved it.

- I wonder how to check when it went offline? I'm not that familiar with WinXP Event Viewer, but clicking around, I don't see anything
- I didn't see anything in the Cortex Logs, but then again I wouldn't expect to if it went down suddenly
- looking at temp graphs to see if it might show a blank patch in graph data, but there isn't any. However it would appear it might be just after 5am the line goes dead straight at that point until reboot this morning.
- I've now enabled logging on the switch the PC connects to so I've got a means to see it when it went off
- I don't suppose anyone else has seen this before or any insight? Obviously I'm a bit worried now about this being something that's going to come up time and again

[PC is WinXP SP3, AVG Free antivirus, Cortex 26.7.2. Been rock steady for over a year etc, other than Cortex upgrades and AVG upgrades]

Going forward:
- I don't think Reflex would have helped as the system only uses DFPH panels, QLD for turning on/off lights and QRI relays for heating and Cortex for heating temp set points?
- other than rebuild on the cards for Win7, is there any benefit to using Win7 64bit?
- also has anyone any experience with Cortex redundant PC setup?
- also I'm beginning to see some benefits to having Cortex as VM (though I tend to distrust the reliability of VMs!)