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Thread: How do you guys get started

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    Default How do you guys get started

    Sorry for the long post, but this is a cut down version

    I have been looking at home automation and home networks for some time now but I just keep going round in circles.

    The only firm decision I have made is a comfort security system which I will install in the new house.

    But when it comes to home automation and multi room audio and video I keep ending up back where I started.


    I have been playing around with X10 not ideal but C-bus seems very expensive and I donít know much about dynalite.

    Multi room Audio and Video is what I am looking at now. I have a lot of sources so although I like the CAV they donít have enough inputs.

    Started to look the Avnes Nexus great number of input and outputs but donít seem to use control panels.

    I would also want to include A multi media PC which would need to be controlled over the network with one of the software solutions such as Home lobby.

    However you end up getting lots of different bits of software and hardware that you have to get working together and some of the features then get doubled up.

    For example I have two CD jukeboxes that could be controlled my the lobby suite through the multi media PC or could be controlled by infra red directly through the CAV or Nexus stuff

    (only problem is then you donít know which disc is which. Itís a nightmare.

    Then comes what do you put where. Ideal everything goes in node zero. However to change a DVD or a laser disk You donít want to nip up to node zero every time. So ok Put them items in the lounge.

    So no what do I do with my Yamaha AV Amp, should it go in node zero and wire the DVD and Laser disk back to it, then distribute the Speaker cable from node zero. Or move the Amp down to the lounge

    Which then means everything else in node zero has to be routed down to the amp.

    Then do I just use cat 5 or use coax for the video. Using going then makes the matrix switchers I am looking at useless.

    Its driving me mad, any tips or suggestions would be most appreciated.

    The idea is to automate as much as possible, to get video and audio to as many rooms as possible and make it all easy to use with as much info as possible available on TV screens or Flat screens around the house., ie Wife proof.

    I am not planning on buying it all at once, it will be done bit at a time.

    The sources I have include or will have include.

    Sky Box
    2 On Digital Boxes
    1 Tuner
    1 DVD player
    1 Laser disk player
    2 Sony CD mega changers
    CCTV system (yet to get)
    DVD jukebox (if I can get one)
    Yamaha AV AMP
    Multi Media PC
    Home PC

    Wurlitzer juke box with Audio out

    Not sure whether to go Plasma or projector yet

    Its a bit embarassing as I am an automation engineer, so when I finnaly know what I need getting it going shouldnt be a problem.


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    Default Re: How do you guys get started


    Me again!

    As I have just said else where, a middle ground product that you could consider is IHC, Intelligent Home Control. Which is also manufactured by the CBus manufacturer Schneider Electric.

    Have a look at for more details or let me know as I have the latest 2005 .pdf here.

    One other consideration with the cat5e AV system is that the Nexus does not have to have all its sources based at node zero, just the nexus hub. The sources play into the nexus on cat5e just as the view or listen points play out.

    Hope this is all helping.

    Chris (trade)
    NOW PART OF INVISION UK, One of the leading home technology distributors to the CI Market.

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