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@Martyn: Any luck with your Z-Wave solution? What have you gone for in the Z-Wave range?
Nothing so far! I *really* want the same functionality that I currently have - each room has a separate Thermostat that can be programmed over 7 days with 2 on/off times per day with 2 set-point temperatures. And each Thermostat can control one or more radiator valve. And each Thermostat reports back to the boiler control - the boiler control only turns on the boiler if 1 or more Thermostat says there is a need for heat. And then the HA control layer over the top.

I want a lot don't I?

The closest I think I can get with Z-Wave is with StellaZ radiator valves, Secure LCD thermostats for the local set-point temperature, a Secure Boiler receiver to interlock the boiler and a MiCasaVerde Vera to do all the logic / zone time programming. But that might work out a bit of an expensive solution. I could forego the Secure LCD thermostats, but then I wouldn't have local override and display of set-point & temperature. I'm probably going to go this route since I already have a Vera.

The StellaZ are good value so I can probably stretch to all 10 radiators in one go and maybe do a single Secure LCD thermostat upstairs and downstairs as in interim solution, adding one per room over a period of time. I also found that the StellaZ can be controlled in "direct" mode - you can tell them exactly what % to open, as opposed to just controlling the set-point - I just need to work out how to do that on a Vera :-) This would be great and allow really fine-grained control of the heating based on *my* logic as opposed to what the TRV thinks it needs to do.

Whichever way I go, I'm going to be attacking it at the end of this Winter and will have it ready for use next Winter :-)