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Thread: Indigo 6 Limitation?

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    Default Indigo 6 Limitation?

    The Indigo 6 HA software for Mac can handle X-10, Insteon, and z-wave devices. However, it seems that you can not mix and match. In order to include and control a device you need to have a compatible (e.g. z-wave) USB Stick plugged into your Mac. So apparently all of your devices would have to be z-wave in this example. If you use Insteon or perhaps LightwaveRF. You need the appropriate stick for them. I suppose you could plug in multiple sticks simultaneously with a USB extender. Is this how you would mix and match the different protocols? Thanks,
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    Yes, but that is how all HA software packages are going to work. At present i have 4 main types of HA controller hooked up to a Mac mini using Indigo 6, a Z-Stick for Z-Wave devices, an old CM-11 for a handful of legacy X10 devices, a RFXtrx433 for LightwaveRF, Homeeasy, etc bits and bobs that iíve got sitting around, and also a USB to Serial adapter for a DSC IT-100 for security and motion tracking functions.. it all works together rather perfectly. The only downside is the number of USB ports used on the back of the Mac Mini for all these devices.

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