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Thread: Conrad FS20 actuators not completely closing valves - but reporting 0%

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    Default Conrad FS20 actuators not completely closing valves - but reporting 0%

    I'm in the process of replacing the 'dumb' danfoss heads with FS20 actuators - the supplied adaptor fits (the one with the nut and bolt), and it is on properly (took a bit of fiddling for it to locate properly).

    However, even with the actuators reporting 0%, the valves are evidently not completely closed, as they are still a little warm, and I can hear the flow.

    I'm at work currently, so can't try anything until later - but thinking about it, I didn't try without the adaptor - is that the issue here - the manual suggested I needed it.

    Failing that, once I have the FHT8W in place, at least the boiler won't fire, but if for example one room demands heat, other rooms with the valves open a little will get a little heat - so losing efficiency overall.

    Maybe I need a spacer or something to increase the actuator travel??

    According to the manual, I don't need the spacer for the adaptor I'm using - but maybe the manual is wrong?
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    I have never known this to happen, but I did replace all of my valves with ones that didnt require the plastic adapter.

    Maybe some paper on top of the rod will help?


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    Make sure that the adapter is fully screwed down onto the valve. I had to grease them to make sure this happened. Otherwise a spacer (such as a plastic counter) should do it. Valves leak sometimes, and paper is compressible, so probably not a good idea.

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