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Thread: Complete Beginner - Simple solution needed

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    Question Complete Beginner - Simple solution needed

    Hi, I hope you don't mind this complete beginner question. Looking at this site and the various home automation systems available, I find it all rather overwhelming. Systems are often far beyond my needs, so I'm hoping that if I describe my situation, some of the people here might offer recommendations.

    I'm about to buy a small (very small) disused shop. It will undergo a complete renovation and I'll be using it at first as an art studio. It currently has no gas supply and it's probably too small to warrant the cost of installing one (plus with every inch of space at a premium, a boiler would take up space.) So heating will probably be all electric, possibly no more than one or two heaters. As I might not be using it for days at a time, I would not expect to heat it, other than when I'm there. It would be great to be able to switch it on remotely, some time before I arrive. There will be wifi, but I've also seen one new thermostat which can be operated by SMS message.

    The only other thing I might want to install is an internal security camera. Would that mean I'd have to have a computer there and have it switched on permanently? And should I be thinking about the heating and the security camera as two separate issues, or something I should combine together in a single system?

    I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

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    There's multiple ways that something like that could be achieved, I have a couple of electric heaters in outbuildings that I control remotely so can turn them on automatically when the temperature is low, keeping frost at bay. I can also turn them on / off from web, phone, tablet etc.

    I use a system called Z-Wave to do this, in particular some Fibaro relays for the heaters, Aeon multisensors for measuring the temperature and a MiCasaVerde Vera to control it all (saves having a PC on all the time) Pretty easy to install / configure and lots of future proofing expansion wise. I like the Foscam range of IP cameras too as they're good value and do motion detection etc too.

    Hope that gives you a few ideas to research further?
    Martyn Wendon
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    Thanks Martyn. There's so many options I'm struggling to know how to narrow it down. I don't want to spend a fortune on kit just to do one or two things. I'll start reading up on the devices you've mentioned,

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