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Thread: IDRATEK: Caring Home Automation – An Assisted Living Smart Home Case Study

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    Default IDRATEK: Caring Home Automation – An Assisted Living Smart Home Case Study

    Idratek are well known for their work in building intricate smart home systems whilst reducing the complexity for the user. Director, Karam Karam takes us through a recent assisted living installation that has lessons for all home automators…


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    Thanks for post. Interesting read / good to see a write up of a Karam install.

    If anyone else read it, any idea on what pulse count output meters might be used for electricity metering (I'm new to this. Also I take it it's wired inline with the mains live supply to the CU's)?

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    various pulse output meters are available - we used some of these :

    and latterly some of these :

    (they both offer a wide range - in each case, we used their singe-DIN, consumer quality rather than fully certified, units)

    wired in-line with whatever you want measured, pulse outputs connecting to digital inputs on any of many Idratek modules (most not all can pulse count) ...

    we also used one of these, sticking it (the sensor, all that's needed) onto the electric company's meter & connecting it back to a convenient pulse-counting module :

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    Current cost also have a new meter reader. If all you are needing is a tidy phototransistor this may be a cheaper option. It comes with a stick on disc that you place around the pulse LED on the meter. The phototransistor is set in a magnetic mould which can be added and removed easily.

    Interestingly they also have a gas meter reader too and a useful API which may be another option to get the data into cortex.

    Edit: Oops, didn't see the cable was available separately from enica. There's a few options to do this sort of thing quite easily now in any case.
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