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    I am trying to source an alarm that allows me to extract information about the state of window/ door and occupancy sensors. And I would also like set the alarm remotely if possible.

    I would like it to operate via one of the following Protocols:

    I know that Honeywell Galaxy offers TCP communication, however the system doesn't output this information as standard. So this isn't suitable. However, another alarm system that uses a more open IP interface could work, although one of the above protcols would be better as I'm integrating it with a Priva BMS system.

    If anyone could offer any suggestions, that would be much appreciated.


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    Maybe a Visonic with a power link module or an RS232 module? Protocol has been pretty much fully reverse engineered so it lends itself to integrating with other systems quite well.

    I'm using a PowerMax+ myself and have it integrated with a MiCasaVerde Vera using the RS232 module and it gives status reporting of all the zones, pirs, mag switches, smoke detectors. Also allows remote arm and disarm.
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    Hi Fraser,

    The Galaxy range can communicate via SIA or Microtech Protocals but not any of the 3 you mentioned above. I'm not aware that the Scantronic, Castle or Texecom use any of these protocals either but they aren't my area of expertise.

    There is a remote mobile app in development at the moment for the Flex, G2 and Dimension ranges....not quite as polished as it should be but they are working on it.

    What are you looking to achieve intergrating an alarm with the BMS system?

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