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Thread: Multiple concurrent access from single stream

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    Default Multiple concurrent access from single stream

    I've been looking into distributing Video and Audio throughout my new home. Lounge, Kitchen, two bedrooms and a study.

    Initially I was hoping to use Windows MCE and have Sky going into it, all my MP3s and some videos on it. So basically it's potentially only one source and MCE comes with a menu interface to handle it all and IR remote(s).

    With MCE Extenders you can have different users watching different SKY channels (I believe it's 2 users as long as you have the cable split and), listening to music from the MCE all concurrently. Is there anything else on the market that can do this? The extenders aren't released in europe as far as i can see, but it isn't far off from reports and i dare say they can be sourced from the US. Reviews say they are expensive at $200 per extender but looking at products like the Nexus or other prebuilt systems the cost is far greater.

    From what I've seen most of the Audio/Visual distribution systems push through the same source to all locations, so if one person changed the SKY channel then all the other TVs would also change. Same for Audio or Video. Is that correct?

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    Hi Alternate

    Are you talking about live or recorded TV? The only way you could have 2 different live Sky channels is to have two Sky tuners and 2 subs/cards.


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