I have utilised this heating control equipment now for some years so I thought it was about time that I reported my experiences to you all in the hope that it may help in formulating what may suit your own requirements.

I purchased the following some four years ago, it is all operating as expected and commissioning was tedious but straight forward the biggest obstacle being many of the manuals at that time only available in German.

Control Centre (CC) - FHZ1000 - 1 off
Room Controller (RC) - FHT80B - 5 off (they are all appear to be FHT80B-2)
Actuator - FHT8V - 7 off
Heating Relay - FHT8W - 1 off

Like a lot of people I had difficulty with the Conrad web site in determining exactly what components to purchase but fortunately I made the right choice at the time.

Although it is easy to see when the Room Controller batteries need to be replaced it is very difficult to determine which of the actuators are audible denoting a low battery. I have several that are behind doors (Wardrobe, Cupboards, etc.) with several located together (in some instances I am using them as if they are manifolds, supplying Thermaskirt Skirting).

I have two conventional radiators (one in the hall and another in the entrance) which are the only ones that are being driven in the conventional manner.

Apart from major battery replacement locating difficulties I Have not experienced any problems with this equipment. I have found that the battery replacement visual indicator only appears when the actuator mechanism is actually operating thus after hearing the audible alarm from somewhere the battery low visual indicator is not operating. I understand that the Actuator does not transmit data / statuses so this data is not available at the RC. This appears to me to be an omission after alarm sensors would do so and they are mostly likely to be fewer in number.

I use the four macros available on the CC extensively (e.g. for Away, Night Time, Day Time & Auto) these automatically set all the RCs quickly and easily with only two button presses and a scroll selection. Although it would be nice to have a few more (to include the guest room when occupied for example)

For some time I have realised the limitation of the CC but have always thought the FHZ1300PC to be grossly overpriced especially as all the software is only available in the German Language! It takes a lo..ng time to configure the settings for automatic operation and the temperature settings for the macros.

I have recently increased the size of the property (it is a bungalow) and need to add a further two RC together with the necessary two Actuators. I am looking to see if there are any other units that I can use (still utilising the present equipment of course) that I could purchase that would ease the burden.

I have been looking at the MAX! equipment it seems competitively priced but will I be able to interface with the FHT/Z there is so little information out there. Rather than the present actuators I should like to be able to use two manifold valve actuators and a mains operated control relay (this would ease the battery replacement problems).

If there is anyone out there who has any suitable experiences they could relay I should be most interested. I would like to try the “CC1101 – USB with FHEM” application but no time available at present, I am busy on the DIY and my wife wants all the heating to be working sob sob hence the interest in the MAX! What about the FHZ 2000 has anybody have knowledge of this? It seems as though the Germans have the market to the themselves but I can’t read their documentation.

Any guidance on these matters would be most welcome, anyone know what the differences are between the FHT80b-2 and FHT80b-3? Oh why can’t manufactures supply all the information that we need for selection purposes!