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Thread: Cortex PC, Moving to new platform, move object's histories?

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    Default Cortex PC, Moving to new platform, move object's histories?

    Hi All,

    Changing from XP to Win7 and in doing so;

    Other than upgrading current PC to Cortex latest version, before saving database out, backup the CortexMobile.xsl file (\Cortex\WebServer\Xsl folder) and error log folder (\Cortex\Log) [if you should choose to retain], before these to new PC, along with license, anyone know how to move object histories?

    I saw the History folder in there, is that it? And can I just copy that over to new PC and it'll all be fine?



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    One thing to be aware of with W7 is the need to disable User Account Control (set to lowest setting and then reboot the PC before proceeding to install Cortex). You should of course make a copy of your database and store this on some removable media preferably until the dust has settled with transfer. In particular - if you change UAC AFTER having installed Cortex and copied over your database, you might then find after the UAC change that the database 'disappears' and you will have to copy it back into the databse folder again.

    Yes you can just copy all history and log files to the same folders on the new PC and they will work fine so long as you are using the same database name (the history files are necessarily only relevant to the database which created them).

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