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    Hi, I'm a 3rd year student at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk (some small town near Liverpool).

    I'm developing a basic home automation system for my final year project and I've been trying to find some opinions in what makes a good home automation system, and what limitations need to be addressed from Home Automation users.

    Also, if anyones interested i'll keep this post updated with the latest on it.

    The system itself will allow the user to control the devices using a UDOO board, with a touch screen attached, and data/instructions will be transmitted and received using some JeeNodes. Features i'm hoping to implement are temperature sensing, heating control and lighting controls before 23rd April.



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    Welcome Ryan.

    Be good to hear more about your project as it develops. Keep us updated.



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    Hey Ryan,

    Some considerations...

    New-Build or Retro-Fit installation type (the latter appeals to rental properties)
    Integration with existing equipment - Alarm systems, other HA products
    Protocol type - ZWave, Insteon, ZigBee etc (supports two-way comms?)
    Intelligence - Minimum fuss once installed and configured


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