Hi Folks,

Just bought a bungalow. It currently has a back boiler in the lounge, behind a traditional old ugly gas fire. Just my wife and I, working different shift patterns. There are:

2 Radiators in the Lounge/Diner
1 Radiator in the Kitchen
1 Radiator in each Bedroom
1 Towel Rail in the Bathroom

None of these has a TRV fitted currently

Our intention is to replace the boiler with something more modern, quiet and efficient, removing the tanks in the Airing Cupboard(hot) and Loft (cold). I have no plans to replace the radiators (they look good enough) - but, given they system is of unknown age (old - 'cos it has a back boiler) - will I need to make alterations to the actual pipework "layout" to accommodate TRVs? My (admittedly limited) understanding of heating systems - is they work like a ring - water goes in one end of the rad & out the other - on to the next one, etc - so presumably if the first valve gets closed, nothing else will heat up?

I would also like to have better control, and remote (smartphone and or internet) access to the heating system.

I am tempted to go with the LightWaveRF system for lighting and sockets - I know the heating controls are very new but these are it seems (like most smart TRVs that I've seen) replacement tops for existing TRVs

I am likely to go with a Domoticz software and an RFXtrx433 transceiver for control

I would be most grateful if you have any views, on the type of heating system we should install - feel free to be specific about boiler make & type - and the best way to achieve what we are looking for in heating control.