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Thread: Alarm install (Visonic Powermax) and x10 electrics

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    Default Alarm install (Visonic Powermax) and x10 electrics

    Moved a year ago and still don't have my old alarm and x10 functioning properly in my new property.

    Anyway - I'm wanting to upgrade my alarm and think the Visonic looks good. I'd like to site this at the top of my stairs (2nd floor flat) next to a cupboard that houses my electric meter. There is a plug socket on the opposite side of the cupboard. How easy is it for an electrician to add sockets inside this cupboard to power the unit and to plug in the x10 interface or should I just run wires through the cupboard to the sockets on the other side - neither option particularly secure against attack.

    Secondly - my house wiring is quite complex with many 2 way double and triple switches. I also use low energy bulbs where possible. I'd need an electrician to sort out the switches I feel - anyone know any x-10 aware electricians in West London? Should I avoid the dimmer switches (I have one from my old property) and LM15s (also have one of these)?

    Thirdly - this alarm will plug into the phone line too (wi-fi would be nicer!). The only option I can think of is to run an extension from the BT socket in the living room outside, up into the loft and down into the cupboard. Does this sound reasonable? Any better ways to do this?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Alarm install (Visonic Powermax) and x10 electrics


    A couple of X10 trained installers in your area:

    Dunstan Nelson
    Tel 0207 229 2545
    Mob 07956 815 385

    Stan Louis
    Hudson Securities
    Tel: 07958 951 107

    We have a few more installers (all are self employed) but have trained with us - so we know they are good.

    Ben Geach
    Simply Automate
    Call Us on 0845 644 3330
    Fax 0845 644 2713

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    Default Re: Alarm install (Visonic Powermax) and x10 electrics

    I'd be tempted to put all the kit into the cupboard leaving no sign of it. You can now get a remote keypad so you can arm/disarm without actually needing to get to the control panel. I only use the remote keyfobs and you don't need to be able to see the panel on a daily basis (the alarm literally says "alarm in memory" when you disarm if it has gone off during the day). You can always put a small lock on your cupboard door for extra security.

    If power is removed then it will run on it's internal batteries, which if the battery cover is forced will cause the alarm. If the main panel is pulled off the wall, that causes an alarm, and if you cut the wire between the panel and siren, then that causes an alarm.

    As for the phone cable, used to do a wirless bridge thing which might be suitable. You plug the transmitter in one end, the receiver at the other and you could run your 56k modem over it without running cables from your PC to phone socket.
    Visonic also do a mobile phone interface which you just drop a sim into. That may be a nicer way to go. Also check out the powermax +, which does some extras that make for an easier install the the normal powermax.

    I've had my POwermax for 3 years without problems, if you need any real-world info about it then shout.

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